Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3149 of 06-05-2018)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 I'm coming in after a Protestant martyr (7)
5 Working in the smithy, but not making good money (7)
9 A former screen tough guy in pantomime (7)
10 A natural sunshade (7)
11 Raise an army to surround one (5)
12 A good man known for giving first aid (9)
13 Like this rogue, when converted (9)ANAGRAM of THIS ROGUE
15 One who gets up some enterprise recklessly (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
16 Sat, when asked (5)
18 Carefully peruse rigidly enforceable contract (9)
21 It makes a change (9)
24 It is well used by desert travellers (5)
25 Game lay around for use by the cook (7)
26 Rock 'n roll player? The latter certainly (7)
27 Fruit given a place of honour in old Turkey (7)
28 She is given two articles set in a case (7)

1 Hide article in play (7)
2 Rushing madly from Tangier (7)ANAGRAM of TANGIER
3 Thought new item dated (9)ANAGRAM of ITEM MATED
4 They rig the markets for jewellery (5)
5 Available stoneworker is a fraternal fellow (9)
6 Man who may impose a rigid measure? (5)
7 Imputes false motive (7)ANAGRAM of IMPUTES
8 One who clutches at straws in general disorder (7)ANAGRAM of GENERAL
14 Sort of stall for the frisky carthorse (9)ANAGRAM of CARTHORSE
15 Logical reason to restrict beer (9)
16 Commends Persia's renovation (7)ANAGRAM of PERSIAS
17 Though particular, the place is in a mess (7)ANAGRAM of PLACE IS
19 To put it succinctly, its horn is twisted (2,5)ANAGRAM of ITS HORN
20 Leaving things late? (7)
22 Girl wasn't well brought up (5)
23 Thin strips of paste (5)
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