Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2949 dated 06-07-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Make a mistake with the charge (6)
4.Presumably he was happy while painting (8)
9.Wit of a turbulent priest (6)ANAGRAM of PRIEST
10.Intimation to end union trouble (8)ANAGRAM of END UNION
12. The most memorable animal in zoo (8)
13.Horrified has the wrong tag showing (6)ANAGRAM of HAS TAG
15.Bound to have reached the same result (4)
16.Bolted after the horse - its too late (6-4)
19.Indifference to detail (10)
20.Jack and Edward retired (4)
23.He may follow an ace with clubs of course (6)
25.Showing off a snake bite (8)
27.Walkers or climbers perhaps (8)
28.Go about two? (6)
29.He's unlikely to be found missing (8)
30.I'm taking the appointment as duty (6)

1.Fire - or part of one (7)
2.Theatre company object to stage (9)
3.Sounds of hinges breaking (6)ANAGRAM of HINGES
5.American name for a coil of yarn (4)
6.He ignores a country's customs while travelling (8)
7.Girl gets lad in trouble (5)ANAGRAM of LAD IN
8.List included love bird (7)
11.No great matter in New York examining body? (7)
14.Leave a university man under a prohibition (7)
17.This must be included in a player's score (9)
18.Hero achieves eminence amongst top performers (8)
19.Edward lifts small firm with spirit and dignity (7)
21.Pet takes the wrong turning at a medium pace (3-4)
22.Good reputation to consider (6)
24.Object to being not quite sober (5)
26.It could be for a Malayan vessel(4)ANAGRAM of FOR A
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Created at 13.00 hrs IST on 06-07-2014

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