Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3032 of 07-02-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Rubbish collector (7)
5 Dad's wise in a way (7)
9 Showed surprise when a good man began a new trade(7)ST for A GOOD MAN+ANAGRAM of TRADE
10 Top water sports expert (7)
11 Strangely eager to come to terms (5)ANAGRAM of EAGER
12 He presumably hopes not to miss the post (9)
13 News broadcaster (4,5)
15 Different route further from the centre (5)ANAGRAM of ROUTE
16 Finish doing a headstand (3,2)
18 Has a note to mail first - must be quick (9)
21 Speech is so crude distorted like this (9)ANAGRAM of IS SO CRUDE
24 Moving arm in two directions (5)
25 Does pie possibly form part of a serial story? (7)ANAGRAM of DOES PIE
26 Make no effort to be original (7)
27 A reptile makes an unusual present (7)ANAGRAM of PRESENT
28 A first principle in current heaters (7)

1 Far from reserved (7)
2 Fight and squabble caused Robin's death (7)
3 Floral trophy at the Dairy Show (9)
4 Help an upright girl (5)
5 Permits travellers may need to proceed to harbours (9)
6 Possibly arise in the conversation of the caravanners? (5)ANAGRAM of ARISE
7 The first male worker is firm (7)
8 One who helps another to a seat (7)
14 Tense - and that's not good (9)
15 White? Rose provided if not (9)ANAGRAM of WHITE ROSE
16 Descriptive of an eternity ring? (7)
17 A brief sleep? That's right (7)
19 One statue oddly placed (7)I for ONE+ANAGRAM of STATUE
20 Listener heads home in determined mood (7)
22 Over one ounce of oxygen (5)
23 He's forced to live off his land (5)
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Created at 06.00 hrs IST on 07-02-2016 from Bangalore

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