THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, CHENNAI SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3197 of 07-04-2019) (No newspapers in Bangalore due to holiday for Ugadi)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Run slap into a traffic jam (5-2)ANAGRAM of RUN SLAP
5 I'd turn awkward in a point and butt in (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ID TURN
9 Permission to start? (2-5)
10 The unusual slang of vessels (7)ANAGRAM of SLANG OF
11 All right a sanctimonious creature (5)
12 Face lift (9)
13 Gave up and left (9)
15 Seeing after (5)
16 Fresh garb for a nude poet (5)ANAGRAM of A NUDE
18 Getting out of bed (9)
21 He shouldn't lack polish (9)
24 Aim to exercise (5)
25 Go in for modified coverage (7)ANAGRAM of GO IN FOR
26 Notice a new flower (7)ANAGRAM of NOTICE A
27 Feeler from worker girl rejected (7)
28 A drifter of a coldly detached nature (7)

1 So a ring can give foreign woman married ststus (7)ANAGRAM of SO A RING OF
2 Sailor held by a devout Buddhist state (7)
3 Go to ground if perjury has been concealed (3,6)
4 Minister of the armed forces (5)
5 Silly man (9)
6 A capital ornament (5)
7 Too good to be true (7)
8 Concentration required when driving in France (7)
14 Broken rule again leads to pain (9)ANAGRAM of RULE AGAIN (I modified the clue)
15 Brief message from those torn asunder (5,4)ANAGRAM of THOSE TORN
16 Aluminium taken from Australia to another country (7)
17 Hippy doctor needs work away from home (4,3)
19 Fancy - game in one move (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of GAME IN
20 There's a tonic in eggs scrambled around mid-morning (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of EGGS IN
22 He's found in a bar, drunk (5)ANAGRAM of IN BAR
23 Habit Tommy got into (5)
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