Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3171 of 07-10-2018)Fillable and with solution)

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1 A strong case for hard currency (4,3)
5 Amy last order for the chemist (7)ANAGRAM of ANY LAST
9 Paddy has a wash (7)
10 Tank built by cretins (7)ANAGRAM of CRETINS
11 Ideal group to play an eightsome reel (5)
12 It keeps stocking up (9)
13 He glosses over things (9)
15 Design a miniature (5)
16 Out of such groups one is miserable (5)
18 Patron saint of the greeting card industry (9)
21 Old craft might flourish (9)
24 Sorts of riddles (5)
25 New creator of atomic energy (7)ANAGRAM of CREATOR
26 Clean up in Arundel perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of ARUNDEL
27 Fingers often crossed (7)
28 Taken from cover and shot (7)

1 Do teach about the negative electrode (7)ANAGRAM of DO TEACH
2 A tram takes us all around the island (7)ANAGRAM of A TRAM US
3 Three bars free of rest (9)ANAGRAM of THREE BARS
4 They show you the bones of an unknown number of fish (1-4)
5 Describing one's descent from Lancaster (9)ANAGRAM of LANCASTER
6 Bridal path (5)
7 Gave way under pressure (7)
8 A growing attachment (7)
14 Vital telegrams may be shocking (4,5)
15 Sweet impudence adds flavour (4,5)
16 A double rum is put out for a Japanese officer(7)ANAGRAM of A A RUM IS (DOUBLE A)
17 The personification of cunning (7)
19 He has no faith in new field setting (7)ANAGRAM of IN FIELD
20 Determined though certain to come in last (7)
22 Rubber solution? (5)
23 In Australia football is supreme (5)
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