Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2906 dated 07-12-2014 (Chennai) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Horse and trap showing signs of neglect (6)
4.To reverse excessively in a dance is silly (8)
9.Film company boss I mert at job centre (6)
10.One after another (8)
12. I acted in variety show (8)ANAGRAM of I ACTED IN
13.Edge hoop in iron (6)
15.Five small deer about to go wandering (4)
16.To get cheaper travel he avoids paying (3-2-5)
19.An opportunity to put one in the picture perhaps (6-4)
20.Much sought after at the sale (4)
23.Politician caught in cunning habit of a nun (6)
25.Man racked with greed, Not the British bobby (8)ANAGRAM of MAN GREED
27.The prototype of an oil rig installation (8)ANAGRAM of AN OIL RIG
28.Fair bird (6)
29.Dunces move fast when the principal comes in (8)ANAGRAM of FAST+HEAD for PRINCIPAL
30.He doesn't go for a horse that will finish (6)

1.Bread counter (7)
2.Legally under constraint to jump axross (5,4)
3.Show Venice in a new light (6)ANAGRAM of VENICE
5.Love a note repeatedly played in the orchestra (4)
6.Learnt to become easy-going (8)ANAGRAM of LEARNT TO
7.Article I've written about statesman (5)
8.Clothing grant that is new, put me in for it (7)ANAGRAM of GRANT ME
11.Runner allowed to enter the rerun heat (7)ANAGRAM of HEAT+LET for ALLOWED
14.She's in a bad environment and embarrassed (7)ANAGRAM of SHES BAD
17.A mundane subject (9)
18.The worst type of underground heating (8)
19.Short of shot-guns (4-3)
21.He cuts inside the fold (7)
22.Loose draft I put in order (6)ANAGRAM of DRAFT I
24.Possibly omits when wet (5)ANAGRAM of OMITS
26.A grasping worker (4)
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Created at 16.30 hrs IST on 07-12-2014 from Chennai

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