Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2984 of 08-03-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Fire bar is an old piece of brass (7)
5.Ring fighter turns to drama (7)ANAGRAM of TO DRAMA
9.The largest Chinese flower (7)
10.Futile advice to the wasteful (7)
11.Return to earlier region of New Zealand (5)
12.A way of looking for respect (4,5)
13.General thickener for cooking (9)ANAGRAM of THICKENER
15.Make a false impression (5)
16.Householder in no hurry to move (5)
18.The upper clasees or revolutionaries (3,6)
21.Boring routine exhibited by ragged drill team (9)ANAGRAM of DRILL TEAM
24. Either way you can play it (5)
25.Damaged linkage provides seepage (7)ANAGRAM of LINKAGE
26.I'd relay new order willingly (7)ANAGRAM of ID RELAY
27.Catches as one comes drunkenly home (5,3)
28. Taken from cover and shot (7)

1.Bashful rugby player shows character (7)
2.King leaves to shorten meeting (7)
3.Later both get involved with a union (9)ANAGRAM of LATER BOTH
4.Keynote of the Messiah (5)
5. It has a back-breaking jobkeeping down vermin (9)
6.The one to right of them (5)
7.Some hundred Germans at work in the harbour (7)
8.It may be worn as a favour (7)
14.The opposite of all dressed up and nowhere to go (7,2)
15.Pick up food from a bird (9)
16.Colonist gets letters sent out (7)ANAGRAM of LETTERS
17.Mean to issue a statement before very long (7)
19.Fond of to some extent (7)
20.Tried writing to the editor (7)
22.Drops many tears (5)
23.Fun with birds (5)
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