THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3245 of 08-03-2020)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Badly presented medical lecture (7)ANAGRAM of MEDICAL
5 Brief biography of professional record holder (7)
9 Be sulky when put out, and show natural colour (3,4)ANAGRAM of BE SULKY
10 Where to find the colliery boss? (7)
11 Low interest rate due to unemployment perhaps (5)
12 Rose spray? (9)
13 Boring routine that may be exhibited by a drill team (9)ANAGRAM of DRILL TEAM
15 Fashion’s designation (5)
16 Rise and dress (3-2)
18 Reading for the daily help (9)
21 Gives up an office from a basic date (9)ANAGRAM of BASIC DATE
24 In Denmark Ron exchanged some local money (5)
25 Kind of heater used in the home or in the theatre (7)
26 Makes a request to have fruit about one (7)
27 Trickery of the French in a sense (7)
28 It caters for those looking for childish amusement (7)

1 In a manner of speaking, leave the pudding (7)
2 Foreign money invested in sugar crop and pepper (7)
3 Everyone bound to be properly organised (3,4,2)
4 Hunts - with success seemingly (5)
5 Press fastener? (5,4)
6 Frequently expressed as decimal (5)
7 I’d note a friend in the best possible way (7)
8 Possibly sore after the finish, agree? (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SORE
14 I’m open about one for those who hate waiting (9)
15 Unearned income? (6,3)
16 How girls, after midnight, make spectacles of themselves? (7)
17 Swimmer who may develop into a jumper (7)
19 Has to boil stew or get rid of it (7)ANAGRAM of HAS BOIL
20 Maintains one’s position - and vies with the Joneses (5,2)
22 Sound as a bell (5)
23 Quick to feel pain (5)
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