Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3145 of 08-04-2018)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Novel role, but giving difficulty (7)ANAGRAM of ROLE BUT
5 Antipathy from the gallery (7)ANAGRAM of GALLERY
9 To agree completely (7)
10 Make fun of the French politician with nothing on (7)
11 One chap comes back holding a ring for a girl (5)
12 Skinny artist who has designs on his sitters (9)
13 The case for a charge (9)
15 Rascal with a strange love urge! (5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of URGE
16 They may be used for storing stretchers (5)
18 Yet it may mean a slender hope (3,6)
21 Some sites for development, apparently (2,2,5)ANAGRAM of SOME SITES
24 Imitating the sound of a bullet? (5)
25 I'm put on to something that beats dynamic force (7)
26 Sneer at produce from the orient (7)ANAGRAM of SNEER AT
27 Mountain woman who was tempted to take things easy (7)
28 They take no end of towels (7)

1 Great, but it went down disastrously (7)
2 Best alternative under the sun (7)
3 Game bird is all ruffled (9)ANAGRAM of BIRD IS ALL
4 Mummy came from this country (5)
5 A share in a growing concern (9)
6 A place where waiters are forgotten (5)
I ring to bring order to disorder (7)ANAGRAM of I RING TO
8 The largest Chinese flower (7)
14 Not in the same class? (9)
15 Time to check the lines after casting? (9)
16 Uneasy slumber I have cut short (7)
17 He's game (7)
19 I have innate artlessness (7)
20 They transmit power in genes perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of IN GENES
22 Loves an anagram to work out (5)
23 Box holding Eastern weapon (5)ANAGRAM of LOVES
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Created at 08.30 hrs IST on 08-04-2018 from Bangalore

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