Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2945 dated 08-06-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.The fashion trade (6)
4.Common haunt (8)
9.Property of the Orient Express (6)
10.A case is essential back in Lincoln (8)
12. Compensation concerning a quilt that is ruined (8)ANAGRAM of RE for ABOUT+A QUILT
13.stable and attics for renovation (6)ANAGRAM of ATTICS
15.How Beethoven finished a set of four notes (4)
16.The acquisition of a favourable reputation (10)
19.Just now - or just Christmas (7,3)
20.Provides encouragement for poaching perhaps (4)
23.This by itself is only a gradual process (6)
25.Movingly depict an academic (8)ANAGRAM of DEPICT AN
27.Force to put one means of transport before another (8)
28.Oral entreaties find favour (6)
29.Was partial to unusual instrument (8)
30.Stick the notice at this point (6)

1.Brightened up when found not guilty (7)
2.A triangle put on top of another figure (3,6)
3.Not in appropriate costume (6)
5.They're not excavatedbut dug only for fun (4)
6.Amount to be surveyed (8)
7.Turn out not to one's choice (5)
8.Shake claret to a point where it becomes a thick syrup (7)ANAGRAM of CLARET+E for POINT
11.Shortage means I am included in a possible pay cut (7)ANAGRAM of I PAY CUT
14.King in great spirits when told (7)
17.Right name for a bad dream (9)ANAGRAM of RIGHT NAME
18.Announced a number have cleared out (8)ANAGRAM of D for NUMBER+CLEARED
19.Bright star in a spiral ring complex (7)ANAGRAM of SPIRAL+O for RING
21.Hide away or gradually let out (7)
22.Song that's naughty - everone joins in (6)
24.The last of the prizewinners of course (5)
26.Forbidden but a doctor provides it (4)ANAGRAM of BUT A
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