Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2906 of 08-09-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.What to do when a player offends badly (4,3)ANAGRAM of OFFENDS
5.Thoroughly unpleasant person's starting story (7)
9.Relinquish a position in the monastery (7)
10.Telephone to get assistance in making an attack (7)
11.What is left of a fire at the end of three months (5)
12.It is held to improve the eyesight (9)
13.Younsters eat greens for development (9)ANAGRAM of EAT GREENS
15.Gets on with passengers (5)
16.A desire to write a letter (5)
18.Henry VII's emblem out of doors? True (5,4)ANAGRAM of DOORS TRUE
21.He is held by a form of respect and revulsion (3,6)ANAGRAM of HE RESPECT
24.Part of church left for contemplation (5)
25.Something that flies holding a large number - It is big (7)<
26.Bony ran Gaul in style (7)ANAGRAM of RAN GAUL
27.Striking entails disruption (7)ANAGRAM of ENTAILS
28. Of a mind to go far in politics (7)

1.Overindulgence in a salad of oriental fruits (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (E for ORIENTAL+FRUITS)
2.Well-known to be helpless (7)
3.Do too much at a stretch (9)
4.Can an obese man have such an attraction (5)
5.One thing one doesn't expect to be (9)
6.An astronomical figure (5)
7.One providing cast-off clothing (7)
8.Go back the right way out (7)
14.Spring ballet performance (9)
15.Half moon (9)
16. Huntress merits a change (7)ANAGRAM of MERITS A
17.Glider pilots find it uplifting (7)
19.One with a right-sounding name for a flyer (7)
20.Add to the general confusion (7)ANAGRAM of GENERAL
22.Swiss river heron in distress (5)ANAGRAM of HERON
23.It may turn up in a suit (5)
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