Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2967 dated 09-11-2014 (Bangalore) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Barbershop singer (6)Not solved
4.Easily defeat though not in form (8)
9.Pass directions around the circuit (6)
10.Former Soviet, American or English architecture (8)
12. Rude lines not altered (8)ANAGRAM of LINES NOT
13.Think of a number (6)
15.Get a larger size (4)
16.The shooting season (10)
19.A fight but nobody is charged (3-3-4)
20.Hits back in fight (4)
23.Beat nervous tension (6)
25.A shocking swimmer straying all over the place (8)ANAGRAM of STRAYING
27.Late find wildly exaggerated (8)ANAGRAM of LATE FIND
28.Recreated a reign of Latin queen (6)ANAGRAM of A REIGN
29.They can get hot weather (8)
30.Dolt is exceptionally unmoved (6)ANAGRAM of DOLT IS

1.Sense and Sensibility (7)
2.Former premier pleased with new design of notes (9)ANAGRAM of GLAD for PLEASED+NOTES
3.Do some stocktaking with new result (6)ANAGRAM of RESULT
5.Customs of the American middle West (4)
6.Deportment of unusual air and grace (8)ANAGRAM of AIR GRACE
7.Farewell announcement that is socially acceptable (5)
8.Might be nicer in the Southeast to be honest (7)ANAGRAM of NICER+SE for SOUTHEAST
11.Breathe fire (7)
14.William set out to find accommodation (7)ANAGRAM of BILL for WILLIAM+SET
17.Just not taking sides (9)
18.Gaffes to make behind the new scenes (8)ANAGRAM of GAFFES TO
19.Number set about making the interior hospitable (7)ANAGRAM of FIVE for NUMBER+SET
21.The personification of cunning (7)
22.Eat - but not seriously by the sound of it (6)
24.Steal toy with missing head (5)
26.A dishonest inclination (4)
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