Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2875 of 10-03-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Soldiers ordered to carry kit (7)
5.Refuse to make a swathing comment (7)
9.Train for a particular purpose (7)
10.Deeds brought before a judge (7)
11.Hibernian flag on hospital (5)
12.Return to the house and make a point forcibly (5,4)
13.The family man most likely to succeed (6,3)
15.Helps a beast in distress (5)ANAGRAM of BEAST
16.Wrong a young lady (5)
18.Val waited around, what a bore (5,4)ANAGRAM of VAL WAITED
21.Emil's note may be informative to a traveller (9)ANAGRAM of EMILS NOTE
24.Ship possibly a drifter (5)
25.Central rule can be broken (7)ANAGRAM of RULE CAN
26.Rounded down (7)
27.It sees or can be seen in the dark (4,3)
28.Lear production set back part of Hamlet (7)ANAGRAM of LEAR SET

1.Quickest way home for some workers (7)
2.Hinted that naughty child was a fibber too (7)
3.Sort out that messy collection of stones(9)ANAGRAM of THAT MESSY
4.Used some oil from a seed perhaps (5)ANAGRAM of A SEED
5.Got straight on parade again (9)
6.Sailor came up with an article to wash (5)
7.Raw material used in production (7)
8.The loss-making accommodation for students (7)ANAGRAM of THE LOSS
14.In manoeuvres use escort to head off to sea (3,6)ANAGRAM of USE ESCORT
15.Suddenly everyone acts simultaneously (3,2,4)
16.Girl can put up a calendar (7)
17.It's forbidden and badly one hundred take it (7)
19.Very hard worker supports a mother (7)
20.She makes me return the papers (7)
22.Is upsetting the first mate with a riddle (5)
23.Do well getting about ninety fish (5)
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