Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2993 dated 10-05-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Be in a position again to get some sleep (6)
4.One who follows a good lead (8)
9.Patient tenders (6)
10.Lunar settlement (8)
12. Roman water-carrier (8)
13.It's a struggle for an amphibian to get around (6)
15.Work to furrow the brow (4)
16.What travellers, soldiers and clerics do? (4,6)
19.Entranced by springtime? Just the reverse (10)
20.The endless fascination of tea (4)
23.When out Di and Joan meet (6)ANAGRAM of DI JOAN
25.Bank go-between? (8)
27.Where prompt action is requested (8)
28.Top style musical party (6)
29.The crack of dawn? (8)
30.Striker is satisfied about the sum (6)

1.Managed to fire rifle (7)
2.Piggy is holding up another animal (9)
3.Firm rearranged dates before the end of May (6)ANAGRAM of DATES+Y for END OF MAY
5.Club for evening out (4)
6.Fir cones come from them (8)ANAGRAM of FIR CONES
7.Planet or dog star (5)
8.Properties on the American-Atlantic seaboard (7)
11.Plane shape can go to improved configuration (7)ANAGRAM of CAN GO TO
14.Wind strangely renamed (7)ANAGRAM of RENAMED
17.Just living for the day (9)
18.Unusual relics to be found in the cathedral (8)ANAGRAM of RELICS TO
19.Strange ordeals of a naval man (3,4)ANAGRAM of ORDEALS
21.Clearly sound touring organisation (4,3)ANAGRAM of TOURING
22.An English bowler knocked it for six (6)
24.A moment of informality (5)
26.What's normally included in a grand tour of India (4)
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Created at 09.45 hrs IST on 10-05-2015

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