Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2954 of 10-08-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.One may take it to avoid it (7)
5.Cacophony from dance club on the way (7)
9.A sitter changes dresses (7)ANAGRAM of A SITTER
10.Pick up is part of the service (7)
11.Insist on getting the payment absolutely correct (5)
12.Sliced loaf ready - long drink needed (4,2,3)ANAGRAM of LOAF READY
13.Dining at a restaurant or having a picnic (6,3)
15.Measures ladder (5)
16.Split the pot (5)
18.Try an overdue reform (9)ANAGRAM of AN OVERDUE
21.Dead Roman perhaps or mythical Greek (9)ANAGRAM of DEAD ROMAN
24.An offer of equality in race matters (5)
25.Anger with territory is nothing new to it (7)
26.Leave a bar with a university man (7)
27.Cancel order to sift cinders (7)ANAGRAM of CINDERS
28. Finish back in service - lunacy (7)

1.Swinger's bar (7)
2.Stay longer than most at the wicket (7)
3.They may be barbershop singers turned out (9)
4.Attempt to get south in easy moves (5)
5. An extraordinary deed or act may get you this (9)ANAGRAM of DEED OR ACT
6.It consists of rounds or ovals possibly (5)ANAGRAM of OVALS
7.Cut and run (7)
8.Turns red: this shows uncertainty (7)ANAGRAM of RED THIS
14.Went in first without result , there being no boundaries (4-5)
15.He may convey properties (9)
16. Alpine flower (7)
17.Speak to one's home (7)
19.Late deliveries outstanding (7)
20.Objects to Ernest's replacements (7)ANAGRAM of ERNESTS
22.A wild animal but it's allright, a quiet one (5)
23.This may cause a number to take up weapons (5)
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