Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3128 of 10-12-2017)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Going to uncle for quiet and shelter (7)
5 A stirring instruction to the player (7)
9 Hypnotic states from which rest can come (7)ANAGRAM of REST CAN
10 It has wings and flies (7)
11 Appeal, one way or the other (5)
12 a personal conversation (9)
13 Filter supplied by firm with some delay (9)
15 Consented to give up a vice (5)
16 They roar in anger and pride (5)
18 Does it give a view of the cove? (3,6)
21 The less often they're hit they're better (4,5)
24 Excellent, if not fast, way to surpass others (5)
25 Crime that no tears can undo (7)ANAGRAM of NO TEARS
26 Cut off, also tie off (7)ANAGRAM of ALSO TIE
27 Eels are wriggling free (7)ANAGRAM of EELS ARE
28 Buries someone because of the wrong note given to doctors (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of NOTE

1 A supporter of mine (3,4)
2 Term commonly used for a thrashing - why? (4,3)
3 Get into debt without interest (9)
4 Quick violent blows (5)
5 Discharge from the army? (9)
6 One sort of wood that's without flaws (5)
7 A dear old thing perhaps (7)
8 Cyclopean but insignificant (3-4)
14 Ill-used vehicle (9)
15 Badly upset I'd go to show the way (9)ANAGRAM of UPSET ID GO
16 The girl looks different having slimmed (7)ANAGRAM of THE GIRL
17 Finding one in a boring occupation (3,4)
19 Inveigh against medical treatment (7)ANAGRAM of MEDICAL
20 Wrestle like boxers (7)ANAGRAM of WRESTLE
22 You'll find Arabs around this city (5)ANAGRAM of ARABS
23 Strike when tines are bad (5)ANAGRAM of TIMES
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