Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2976 of 11-01-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Male preferences? Fair enough (7)>
5.Troops stepped out in this formation (7)
9.A tug in a storm in the West Indies (7)ANAGRAM of A TUG IN A
10.Page fasteners (7)
11.Time to invoke the muse (5)
12.Could be posh sounding lot of fertiliser (9)ANAGRAM of POSH+PHATE (sounding like FATE, synonym for LOT
13.West Indian play group (5,4)
15.Young trainee acted badly (5)ANAGRAM of ACTED
16.The right are right less often (5)ANAGRAM of R R for RIGHT RIGHT+ARE
18.Freemason upset - by overfamiliarity in using these? (9)ANAGRAM of FREEMASON
21.Shy relative (4,5)
24.Disordered and unexpected retreat (5)
25.Fancy - game in one move (7)ANAGRAM of GAME IN+I for ONE
26.Understanding French (7)
27.Proceeds in an intriguing direction (7)
28. Makes a film with misspelt credits (7)ANAGRAM of CREDITS

1.They get the game off to a flying start (7)
2.Smashed our gate - it's a scandal (7)ANAGRAM of OUR GATE
3.It takes the lead (3,6)
4.Die to make an impression (5)
5. Decorate the bride more exotically (9)ANAGRAM of BRIDE MORE
6.He gets put out when flustered (3,2)ANAGRAM of HE PUT
7.Its quarters are spotless (7)
8.Beginning the Northern climb (7)
14.The horror of a legal state losing its head (9)
15.Busman making time? (9)
16.He doesn't believe in anything fancy (7)
17.Conducted a bag search (7)
19.Kind of lodge Monica's built (7)ANAGRAM of MONICAS
20.They won't stand for being models (7)
22.Single issue of new coins (5)ANAGRAM of COINS
23.Give in or give out (5)
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