Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3137 of 11-02-2018)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 The standing of a taxi driver (3,4)
5 Is a good man able to get a game? (7)
9 Notedly brisk (7)
10 Section reserved for reviews (7)ANAGRAM of SECTION
11 Moral principle held by the thickskinned (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
12 A plain fellow treated like a doormat (7,2)
13 Foreman's advantage (5,4)
15 Artist can't make a self-portrait without it (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
16 Foundation is by degrees (5)
18 Presented with a cauliflower? How distinguished (9)
21 I object to a form of anger that is a beastly show (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ANGER
24 Has to make professions of loyalty (5)ANAGRAM of HAS TO
25 Free from bitterness (7)
26 Get the news about the plant (7)
27 Unusual seaside shingles for instance (7)ANAGRAM of SEASIDE
28 It may need a jack up before being repaired (7)

1 Large house where a cat is given water in France (7)
2 He may call for you at an American hotel (7)
3 Cigars, ale and possibly port (9)ANAGRAM of CIGARS ALE
4 They secure the normal shipping rates (5)
5 A hundred on offer puts you in the running (9)
6 Still in bed, the ewe is (3,2)
7 Withdraws a direction on grants (7)
8 Learns a way to produce a magazine (7)ANAGRAM of LEARNS A
14 Deviation from normal unusually rare? Can be (9)ANAGRAM of RARE CAN BE
15 Are able to make simple converse (9)ANAGRAM of ARE ABLE TO
16 Think things over in bed when perplexed (7)
17 Possibly resigns from the choir (7)ANAGRAM of RESIGNS
19 Sauce boat now costing more (7)
20 Justify being wrongly severed (7)ANAGRAM of SEVERED
22 Barbarian has a place in Germany (5)
23 Those reformed show spirit (5)ANAGRAM of THOSE
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Created at 10.00 hrs IST on 11-02-2018 from Bangalore

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