CRYPTIC CROSSWORD FROM THE TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE (3102 of 11-06-2017)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Shell that's commonly cracked (7)
5 Think a Gemini is fantastic (7)ANAGRAM of A GEMINI
9 Be furious about the first letter being directed (7)
10 Loud chuckle first heard from Lewis Carroll (7)
11 Frosted look seen when I'm in debt? (5)
12 Silence from a stupid cast (9)
13 Stole time off - for Christmas? (9)ANAGRAM of STOLE TIME
15 Destined to have a deft production (5)ANAGRAM of A DEFT
16 Bets on footballers and retires (5)
18 Antiquated theme, not a new vision (4-5)ANAGRAM of THEME NOT A
21 Silk city may be just a spot in the desert (9)
24 A popular place to get spirits (5)
25 They are about to knock medical treatment (7)
26 Timely measure a couple of favourites recalled (3-4)
27 Vessel - lacking stabilisers? (7)
28 Settled for having the team in red (7)

1 Holy man in no spirit for a quack remedy (7)
2 Yet it doesn't usually contain mother's ruin (7)ANAGRAM of MOTHERS
3 Ladies are crazy for dogs (9)ANAGRAM of LADIES AREW
4 Finished with some written dedication (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
5 Lay preacher (9)
6 A stewed fruit dish set up apart (5)
7 It turns out to be how one may hold another's property (2,5)ANAGRAM of IT TURNS
8 Letter finished then altered (7)
14 Novel young American (3,6)
15 Felt shops contributed to high living (9)ANAGRAM of FELT SHOPS
16 Put boss out at a point of disembarkation (3,4)ANAGRAM of PUT BOSS
17 How French it is to pass remarks about something (7)
19 Nut and date confection which is ridiculed (7)ANAGRAM of NUT DATE
20 Is it used for jotting down music? (7)
22 The length a boxer will go to (5)
23 Put off Ted's rise with hesitation (5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of TED
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