Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3015 dated 11-10-2015 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.A number in the arena competing in track events (6)
4. Canst not be shaken (8)ANAGRAM of CANST NOT
9.Cause irritation right on the joint (6)
10.Flattery that won't wash? But it will! (4,4)
12. Distraught wanderer approached (4,4)ANAGRAM of WANDERER
13. Shylock is certain to be found in the old city (6)
15.Team making use of spin (4)
16.Encouraged and needled mob in riot (10)ANAGRAM of NEEDLED MOB
19.Pound notes may be what it means (10)
20.Attempt a crazy comeback (4)
23.Girl makes Herbie laugh (6)
25.Militant has to work on arranged visit (8)ACT for WORK+ANAGRAM of VISIT
27.It cools the car, warms the house (8)
28.Mountain retreat needs freezer for fish (6)
29.A singular spectacle? (8)
30.Score is two love (6)

1.Screen has red centre and unusual rose edging (7)ANAGRAM of RED ROSE
2.A hundred on offer puts you in the running (9)
3. Lynn's upset about hole -- in her stockings? (6)ANAGRAM of LYNNS+O for HOLE
5.A pitcher for the players (4)
Get hard ideas changed or reject them? (3,5)SET for GET HARD+ANAGRAM of IDEAS
7.Affair of one such as Othello, say (5)
Got to the point -- summed up without a word of hesitation (7)
11.He says our future is in our own hands (7)
14.Rodents carry out an unusual crime (7)DO for CARRY OUT+ANAGRAM of CRIME
17.Produce I turn into a balanced diet (9)ANAGRAM of I TURN INTO
18.A bouncer at a cocktail party (8)
19.Goldsmith turns to grab fee (7)ANAGRAM of GRAB FEE
21.Maybe charged with assault (7)
22.Tree bat? (6)
24. From an old-timer I'd get a wrinkle (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
26.Far from stern? Fiddlesticks (4)
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Created at 09.00 hrs IST on 11-10-2015 from Bangalore

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