CRYPTIC CROSSWORD FROM THE TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE (3076 of 11-12-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Glance shows a novice in fault (7)
5 Such money is for saving (7)
9 Slight scrap in the queue (7)
10 Sea mist represented by painter (7)ANAGRAM of SEA MIST
11 Police chase ends in the wood (5)
12 Not a single female will wear it (9)
13 Record-holder (9)
15 Put off on an eel that has been prepared (5)ANAGRAM of AN EEL
16 Social individual (5)
18 The final demand in dispute (9)
21 Would try a new arrangement on the surface (9)ANAGRAM of WOULD TRY A
24 Aim to exercise (5)
25 Arab territory that makes me turn cross (7)
26 A hole in ten unusually high (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of TEN
27 They should be allowed to be themselves we're told (7)
28 Stray US serviceman returns in female attire (7)

1 Loss of business (7)
2 Girl of the 20s who tends to panic (7)
3 Event idly arranged - obviously (9)ANAGRAM of EVENT IDLY
4 Minister to negotiate (5)
5 Unexpectedly not solemn - just sleepy (9)ANAGRAM of NOT SOLEMN
6 Louts break up the plant (5)ANAGRAM of LOUTS
7 Possibly a surete stiff? (7)ANAGRAM of A SURETE
8 Bring into effect a capital sentence (7)
14 Unrestricted state of incapacitated kangaroo (9)
15 Letting in or out (9)
16 Saying name of dog possibly in lead (7)
17 In place of fighting a sober man would choose deserting (7)
19 The work of these artists is above our heads (7)
20 Notes the time (7)
22 Arthur's head is in a drink once more (5)
23 Return to surrender (5)
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