Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2997 of 12-07-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Losing form due to a rise in temperature (7)
5.Walked back around a man sleeping (7)
9.Refuse to go through all the cases (7)
10.Type of fiction unfamiliar to the French (7)
11.Thrash about the ring showing little craft (5)
12.Alarming to find acid in drink (9)
13.Though a pound short, victualler may be well-paid (9)ANAGRAM of VICTUALLER from which L for POUND is deleted
15.Imprisons many for a long time (5)
16.Pert - like a robin (5)
18.The first man to fly an aircraft (4,5)
21.Soccer war erupts and it is a frightening thing (9)ANAGRAM of SOCCER WAR
24.King-size is unusually large (5)ANAGRAM of LARGE
25.Dismissed with anger, it's a scandal (7)
26.Get hint about contract (7)ANAGRAM of GET HINT
27.Tell you it's wrong to shout in pain (4,3)ANAGRAM of TELL YOU
28. Sign of fever perhaps and rash (7)

1.Claimed to be a test of fitness (7)ANAGRAM of CLAIMED
2.It's short and possibly conical (7)ANAGRAM of CONICAL
3.I can time railway route (9)
4.Think of America (5)
5. Guard seen changing overalls (9)ANAGRAM of GUARD SEEN
6.Concentrate on cutting the hedge (5)
7.Joining forces and rallying without a leader (7)
8.A crying necessity in mob control (4-3)
14.Make a stop on the way? (9)
15.Yet it is wrong to imitate anything like this (9)
16. Imprisonment for possession (7)
17.La Costa resort by the sea (7)ANAGRAM of LA COSTA
19.He inherits nlended tea with glee (7)ANAGRAM of TEA GLEE
20.Like vultures only found in Thailand borders (7)
22.Muse to appear after a very long time (5)
23.Potboiler notorious for bad spelling (5)
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