Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2963 dated 12-10-2014 (Bangalore) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Leave aide gets in full (6)
4.The brewed ale there is heavenly (8)ANAGRAM of ALE THERE
9.Least common form of arrest (6)ANAGRAM of ARREST
10.Cheeky little pets (8)
12. Deny a key's stupidity mislaid outside (8)ANAGRAM of MISLAID+C for KEY
13.Squirm like a man after the summons (6)
15.Welshman's making a stand (4)
16.Aunts eager to make promises (10)ANAGRAM of AUNTS EAGER
19.The secret is boldness (10)
20.At short notice sent back information (4)
23.Bill for publicity (6)
25.Female freedom fighter (8)
27.In current use (8)
28.A close shave (6)
29.Had a fight and was thrown out (8)
30.Underwear made from fibres (6)ANAGRAM of FIBRES

1.Free indeed yet treated with scorn (7)
2.Bunyan's pilgrim converted rich saint (9)ANAGRAM of RICH SAINT
3.Might number clues in the wrong order (6)ANAGRAM of M for NUMBER+CLUES
5.Means of transport sometimes sprung (4)
6.Sinner he reformed to put in a hallowed place (8)ANAGRAM of SINNER HE
7.It happens to be a key opening (5)
8.Sounds like more work for the tenants (7)
11.Time taken by a secretary (7)
14.A game little insect (7)
17.Trace idea that is wrong and root it out (9)ANAGRAM of TRACE IDEA
18.Its speed is changed to prevent a head-on collision (8)ANAGRAM of ITS SPEED
19.Policemen make very little money (7)
21.Player inserts key in a lock (7)
22.It cuts things rather fine (6)
24.Absolutely diaphanous (5)
26.Such a location makes sound sense (4)
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