Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3011 dated 13-09-2015 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Wild flower dangerous to birds? (6)ANAGRAM of FLOWER
4. Loans saved can make a move (8)ANAGRAM of SAVED CAN
9.Visit but speak without entering? (4,2)
10.Always faithful? (8)
12. Shocking bounders caused perjury to be committed (8)ANAGRAM of BOUNDERS
13.Puzzle set in game (6)ANAGRAM of IN GAME
15.Spot a weak type (4)
16.Edifice with strong beams (10)
19.Not left behind; in fact well in front (5,5)
20.Boss of Animal Farm say (4)
23.Give a plain description of French capital (6)
25.The offer of money may make him cross (8)
27.A survey not repeated (4-4)
28.It's not certain the doctor will come in the storm (6)
29.Global degree of freedom (8)
30.Quiet place for a school break (6)

1.Concentrated on the film? (7)
2.We will shortly be having mixed gin. Good health! (4-5)WELL for WE WILL SHORTLY+ANAGRAM of BE GIN
3. Frenchman who couldn't adapt to a new regime? (6)
5.An opening celebration or its finale (4)
6.A drink - Ben has it as a cocktail (8)ANAGRAM of BEN HAS IT
7.Sound as a bell (5)
8.The estate agent's lying (7)
11.The pleasure of dividing five hundred and eight by fifty (7)
14.One who cribs in an exam upsets a teacher (7)ANAGRAM of TEACHER
17.Aunt Mabel when upset is beyond control (9)ANAGRAM of AUNT MABEL
18.Refuse to agree to project (5,3)
19.Neat combination of cardinal and count (3,4)
21.Fools assume the solutions (7)
22.Where the batman stands about in case (6)
24.In fact a point of view (5)
26.Heavy Metal star player (4)
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Created at 10.00 hrs IST on 13-09-2015 from Bangalore

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