Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2906 dated 13-10-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Left in play (6)
4Joint projections over which one may get rapped (8)
9.New act with hat and stick (6)ANAGRAM of ACT HAT
10.Not very bright, but in charge of the players (8)
12.End of the new tram line (8)ANAGRAM of TRAM LINE
13.Fire escape on board ship (6)
15.A two-party fight (4)
16.Used by riders - but not riding breeches (10)
19.Study the echo (10)
20.Help with a wager (4)
23.Country girl on the vessel (6)
25.Held in apprehension (8)
27.It is not fair for me to use this (8)
28.Kick into the wind again (6)
29.What scores of young people are in (8)
30.teer awkwardly round a difficult problem (6)ANAGRAM of STEER A

1.A decent reform carried out (7)ANAGRAM of A DECENT
2.Insert of two pages Alfie rent in error (9)ANAGRAM of ALFIE RENT
3.With a new clue I'd find the mathematician (6)ANAGRAM of CLUE ID
5.Church body (4)
6.A closure arranged in a roundabout way (8)ANAGRAM of A CLOSURE
7.Many deserve to get information (5)
8.Pays for lights (7)
11.Is a good man able to get a game? (7)
14.Undo jar found damaged for repair (7)ANAGRAM of UNDO JAR
17.Ship's follower hung about an old sailor (9)
18.No racehorse alive is one (4,4)
19.Get someone else to do the fighting (7)
21.One still too young to take certain steps (7)
22.Decline to make further grant (6)
24.Count old money (5)<
26.Desert one's post though left in charge (4)
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