Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3133 of 14-01-2018)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 English variety of beach (7)ANAGRAM of ENGLISH
5 Satisfied, roamed no more (7)
9 General disorder, one gathers (7)ANAGRAM of GENERAL
10 Tenniel was merciful when upset (7)ANAGRAM of TENNIEL
11 Moving stair perhaps (5)ANAGRAM of STAIR
12 Game to dance with spirit (9)
13 This may mean extra work (5,4)
15 Thought a great many were employed (5)
16 Double the score (5)
18 Mortals involved with me in deep trouble (9)ANAGRAM of MORTALS ME
21 An order for silence (9)
24 We hear school meals should be this (5)
25 Sounds like a private bitterness that is harboured (7)
26 Confused magnate turns bright red (7)ANAGRAM of MAGNATE
27 Newspaper articles a number wrongly erased (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ERASED
28 Top water-sports champion (7)

1 Coloured lights in glass perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of IN GLASS
2 Does such selling show indolence? (7)
3 For the most part all consumed by frenetic energy (9)ANAGRAM of ALL ENERGY
4 A means of current escape which sustains us (5)
5 Chemical Jack and Peter put out (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of PETER
6 Garment unusual in cut (5)ANAGRAM of IN CUT
7 Lear production upset part of Hamlet (7)ANAGRAM of LEAR SET
8 Many felt irritated and abandoned (7)
14 They may be engaged in any scrap or my scrap if ordered (9)ANAGRAM of OR MY SCRAP
15 Germs seen to be spread by a carrier (9)ANAGRAM of GERMS SEEN
16 Fear led to a new form of government (7)ANAGRAM of FEAR LED
17 Southeastern EU state is not involved in Asia minor (7)ANAGRAM of A A MINOR =ASIS from which IS is deleted
19 Tour round and round the building (7)ANAGRAM of TOUR AND
20 It's crazy wearing hair that's artificial (3-4)
22 The business end of a top line (5)
23 Possible means of identification (5)ANAGRAM of MEANS
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