Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2998 of 14-06-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Exercise supervision in place of a bishop (7)
5.Speculate about good spouse (7)ANAGRAM of SPOUSE+P for GOOD
9.Around the end of watch escort put out lights (7)ANAGRAM of ESCORT+H for END OF WATCH
10.When students make merry music (7)
11.Father's half-hearted sales talk (5)
12.Possibly mention it too late (3,2,4)ANAGRAM of MENTION IT
13.Penitent habit of clergy after dismissal (9)
15.Opinion one can always go back on (5)
16.Drinking place not far from home (5)
18.In the main it records ups and downs (4,5)
21.Ring tuner about paying another visit (9)ANAGRAM of RING TUNER
24.See cat jump off piano (5)
25.Suckers may take it to promote good feeling (7)
26.I meant having a change to liven things up (7)ANAGRAM of I MEANT A
27.Games period (7)
28. It cuts down the chat perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of THE CHAT

1.Not a full month's work to be found in the sea (7)
2.Wandering man about desert (7)
3.So shaped his parcel is awkward to wrap (9)ANAGRAM of HIS PARCEL
4.Where Westphalians may go to eat in Germany (5)
5. Scored, but taken from the field (9)
6.One with no faith in father backing a horse (5)
7.That's what you think (7)
8.Peak time before break (7)
14.Laymen given little chance of success? (9)
15.Artist who has designs on his clients (9)
16. The German rock singer teaching the French one (7)
17.Man about town? (7)
19.It's inferior to the bean stew (7)ANAGRAM of THE BEAN
20.He is a colourless one (7)
22.How to arrest wear in a new engine (3,2)
23.Kind of paper that exposes plots (5)
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