THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3209 of 14-07-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 The symbol of England at opening time? (7)
5 Word play (7)
9 House holding an aromatic plant (7)
10 Sets one's sights higher and improves (5,2)
11 Perhaps my pet needs feeding (5)ANAGRAM of MY PET
12 Instrument not played by ear? (4,5)
13 Revised share-out I sanction (9)ANAGRAM of SHARE OUT I
15 Tess and I change places (5)ANAGRAM of TESS I
16 Float around overhead (5)ANAGRAM of FLOAT
18 Procrastinate when it's time to get up (9)
21 They keep servants (9)
24 Wanderer of the sea lanes (5)
25 German measles is a problem to a girl (7)
26 They are said to get aid from above (7)
27 Wizard security device for a national emergency, perhaps (7)
28 Calmed down when everyone agreed (7)

1 I arrive all dishevelled in the South of France (7)ANAGRAM of I ARRIVE
2 It is a blemish on the most radiant of faces (7)
3 William has an attempt at making butter (5,4)
4 Pulled together and tied (5)
5 Converted soul comes to face lions here? (9)ANAGRAM of SOUL COMES
6 A stewed fruit dish set up apart (5)
7 Attack by a saint about one who became one (7)
8 State train (7)
14 Not knowing - how to mend a fuse? (2,3,4)
15 Deficiency of days in autumn? (9)
16 In war Eric is involved, flying aircraft (7)ANAGRAM of WAR ERIC
17 There's a number to be surrounded by gold in autumn (7)
19 Foolishly altering any line that's not straight (7)ANAGRAM of ANY LINE
20 Photographed out of doors? (7)
22 Shelter from snow (5)
23 Copies sent up include one in colour (5)
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