Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2959 dated 14-09-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Possible a grave sign of distress (6)
4.It's touching when a radio entertainer gets little money (8)
9.Do sour ingredients make smells (6)ANAGRAM of DO SOUR
10.Pressing need for home club (8)
12. Detract from a Chinese restaurent (4,4)
13.One powerless to fly (6)
15.School bill returned (4)
16.Inflationary turn of the screw (4,6)
19.Fairytales may provide this sort of security (6,4)ANAGRAM of FAIRY TALES
20.As one's written repeatedly, she was revered (4)
23.Country hat (6)
25.One working half the time on tick (8)
27.Nothing lost by getting every necessity provided (3,5)
28.Only me to depend on (6)
29.Key to fire engine (8)
30.Way change of date may be expressed (6)ANAGRAM of ST for WAY+DATE

1.A job the French create forv the preacher (7)
2.Putting in time at this is fun (5,4)
3.Usual or unusual Roman number (6)ANAGRAM of ROMAN+L for NUMBER
5.Laid out in Salvador (4)ANAGRAM of LAID
6.Bet a long striding gait is natural to it (8)
7.Embarrassed after some hesitation - having got it wrong (5)
8.A growing attachment (7)
11.Grim appearance of horse without carriage (7)
14.Free to make a speech (7)
17.Able to recover one's earlier form (9)
18.A current measure in beer and scotch (5,3)
19.Highly vocal females cause trouble in a prison (7)ANAGRAM of A PRISON
21.Breed of dog that will change some day (7)ANAGRAM of SOME DAY
22.Notice a gap coming (6)
24.Hose in New York left running (5)
26.Open to defeat (4)
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Created at 12.30 hrs IST on 14-09-2014

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