Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3046 of 15-05-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 A bit that's appropriate (7)
5 Scope for firm with a thousand to spend (7)
9 They take pictures a hundred, a thousand times (7)
10 Missionary who can handle a spoon? (7)
11 Not late but nearly lost a point (5)
12 Denis seen to be waiting (9)ANAGRAM of DENIS SEEN
13 Is it never found in light cavalry (4,5)
15 Vessel in dock (5)
16 Laughing stock of Africa and Asia (5)
18 The only one in a suit wearing a vest (9)
21 You may get a ride in it by accident (9)
24 A weapon attached to a rifle perhaps (5)
25 Fresh flowers? (7)
26 Amenity switched to an unspecified daye (7)ANAGRAM of AMENITY
27 China's place in Western Europe (7)
28 The fall of French furrency (7)

1 To get ahead take the other fellow's place (7)
2 Married wrong lover (7)ANAGRAM of MARRIED
3 Unusually soft hairy shrub (9)ANAGRAM of SOFT HAIRY
4 It makes sense in the Ruhr (5)ANAGRAM of SENSE
5 Changed circumstances may put a different complexion on it (9)
6 Moira goes out with a New Zealander (5)ANAGRAM of MOIRA
7 She plays with a key in the lock (7)
8 The second mate's boy (7)
14 Far Eastern symbol of the dawn (6,3)
15 Hole-in-the-middle mints (5,4)
16 Set great store by (7)
17 The current recession (3,4)
19 Presumably one should skate over it lightly (4,3)
20 You would not care to be guilty of it (7)
22 One fat round Scotsman (5)
23 Animal not usually laden (5)ANAGRAM of LADEN
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