Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2907 dated 15-09-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Hose used as borders (6)
4.Stop work to steal (8)
9.Spot something on the board (6)
10.Artisan whose work caused feathers to fly (8)
12.A tonic it may be a mention in despatches (8)ANAGRAM of A TONIC IT
13.Vegetables with holes in them (6)
15.Mark goes back to school (4)
16. Be grateful for rise in value(10)
19..Like an astronaut returning - or failing to lift off (10)
20.Highlight in the thatrical world (4)
23.A speaker skilled at splitting alternatives (6)
25.Many may come to mourn sue (8)ANAGRAM of MOURN SUE
27.Six have an airing perhaps in America (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (VI for SIX+AIRING)
28.Usual place for a wake (6)
29.Sent round small amount of money as a deposit (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (SENT+DIME for A SMALL AMOUNT OF MONEY)
30.In trouble, is repeatedly after crisis (6)

1.Criticise long dash (7)
2.Poet involved with fruit cake (9)ANAGRAM of POET FRUIT
3.Fastidiousness for exactness (6)
5.It flows out of line (4)ANAGRAM of LINE
6.Downpour makes it hard to see (8)
7.Unusual chore for painters (5)ANAGRAM of CHORE
8.Anticipate charge for concealing minerals (7)
11.It may give the speaker some standing (7)
14.Part of speech which she makes (7)
17.Writer shares out novel (9)ANAGRAM of SHARES OUT
18.A metal or I'm much confused (8)ANAGRAM of OR IM MUCH
19.Develops and goes round topless (7)
21.Objects to Ernest's replacement (7)ANAGRAM of ERNESTS
22.An exceptionally warm spring (6)
24.Bill free of bitterness (5)
26.Indication ther's good starting in evil (4)
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Created at 16.30 hrs IST on 15-09-2013

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