Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2920 of 15-12-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Half-cooked scrap of food (7)
5.Some rhymes are so prosaic (7)
9.Vessel that shoots over the waves (7)
10.Restricted to one sort of company (7)
11.they go round on wheels (5)
12.This affords light cover (9)
13.A heroic swimmer accepted a kiss from a king (9)
15.Looks and sounds like dogs (5)
16.Plate gets broken - a bit of a bloomer (5)ANAGRAM of PLATE
18.A driver is not to overtake on green perhaps (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (PASS for OVERTAKE+GREEN)
21.A good place to see the stars come out (5,4)
24.Meal not starting to satisfy the man (5)
25.Marconi's resort, a Spanish island (7)ANAGRAM of MARCONI
26.Like sheep are in a shed (7)ANAGRAM of ARE SHED
27.In which youngsters blossom forth? (7)
28. It might be rash to touch them (7)

1.One expects a good row in the course of it (7)
2.Spread liberal sail when the wind's behind you (3,4)
3.Reserves high place for publication (9)
4.The whole lot at variance (5)ANAGRAM of LOT AT
5.Guarantees passage with atamps (9)
6.With second thoughts mother has a complaint (5)
7.Desert folk struggle to succeed (3,4)
8.Infuriates with fresh demands (7)ANAGRAM of DEMANDS
14.It may help to rescue a country from mad policy (9)ANAGRAM of MAD POLICY
15.I'd put in now for high position in society (9)
16. Unusual stamp on a letter is entrusted to him (7)ANAGRAM of STAMP ON
17.The team won't be prepared to play with him (7)
19.Common soldier (7)
20.Fresh red rose at the back of the altar (7)ANAGRAM of RED ROSE
22.Eastern lake found in the West? Strange (5)
23.Ascended a small hill in the north (5)
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