Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3023 dated 17-01-2016 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Shield made of hide (6)
4 Buttons said to represent danger to sailors (4,4)
9 Agree it's of small account and give in (6)
10 Every plot by the way would have one (8)
12 Island that gives us energy (8)ANAGRAM of US ENERGY
13 Threaten a mischief-maker with death perhaps (6)
15 Go off with a list (4)
16 A good deal may come from it (10)
19 Like an astronaut returning - failing to get lift-off? (10)
20 Become wedged, we hear, in the doorway (4)
23 Companion of an American star (6)
25 Stones' presentation of sure, bold medley (8)ANAGRAM of SURE BOLD
27 Fruit with coverings - they're bananas (8)
28 A tablet for a dental problem (6)
29 Girl holds chap back in Denmark (8)
30 Hold-up means I'm deep in trouble (6)ANAGRAM of IM DEEP

1 Brag about raw eggs scrambled (6)ANAGRAM of RAW EGGS
2 City Jane Eyre came to love (9)
3 In conclusion it's the ultimate gin cocktail (6)
5 Make sound of a large vessel (4)
6 Outstanding feature of a country spot (8)
7 States how old one is - that's the custom (5)
8 Bore fruitbut abandoned (7)
11 Meat stewed in ovens (7)ANAGRAM of IN OVENS
14 A group on leave (7)
17 Ballet posture of Lincoln in square dance (9)ANAGRAM of SQUARE+ABE for LINCOLN
18 Parson takes tea without milk or sugar (8)
19 The heart of German city church (7)
21 Invest capital perhaps? (7)
22 Look in to criticise the race going downhill (6)
24 Tries new forms of worship (5)ANAGRAM of TRIES
26 Earl created king (4)ANAGRAM of EARL
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Created at 06.30 hrs IST on 17-01-2016 from Bangalore

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