Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3190 dated 17-02-2019 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Container ship (6)
4 Satanic food in which there's no good (8)
9 Pointer to what the heckler tries to do (6)
10 Tree house perhaps of frontier days (3,5)
12 Stays around (8)
13 Magnificent Slav round up (6)
15 Either way it was of some worth in India (4)
16 Clipper of the line (7,3)
19 They make their names as proverbial listeners (3,7)
20 The hollow sound of success in business (4)
23 It bores me in the back (6)
25 Very French to approve sin (8)
27 Note a hundred still in trance (8)
28 Treatment for bruises in a car smash (6)ANAGRAM of IN A CAR
29 Time for a few words (8)
30 Girl to finish in her underwear (6)

1 Dad holding a high card can solve all problems (7)
2 Spare room (9)
3 She professes an inclination we hear (6)
5 His victims lose heart (4)
6 Takes in Uncle Sid when turned out (8)ANAGRAM of UNCLE SID
7 I'm getting a numberless blue dye (5)
8 Most women have this combination of give and take (7)
11 Inveigh against medica treatment (7)ANAGRAM of MEDICAL
14 Essentially, where the old may be young (2,5)
17 Trying time for a beginner (9)
18 Not brave, showing sign of fear (8)
19 Sailor obtains marks for shooting (7)
21 Mother hides a blemish with make-up (7)
22 Shylock is certain to be found in the old city (6)
24 Bad lighting (5)
26 An element of jazz in classical music (4)
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