Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2876 of 17-03-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Take off pounds of either kind (6)
4.A machine to reckon with (8)
9.Graduate in the money in foreign quarter (6)
10.A poet may rely upon visit that is about work (8)
12.Rate modified by undoubted wealth (8)
13.Give rating a note to take between ships (6)
15.It helps to make shoes well (4)
16.How Adam and Eve created a disturbance (6,4)
19.Silly rhymes whether one likes it or not (5,5)
20.The girl I object about (4)
23.There's a copy in the southeast for a writer (6)
25.Entering the office uninvited? (8)
27.Rotor arm? (8)
28.Beast of burden given first aid (6)
29.He painted a slender model (8)ANAGRAM of A SLENDER
30.Code letter one has to eat perhaps (6)

1.Article about a concert (7)ANAGRAM of ARTICLE
2.Less rapid form of removal (9)ANAGRAM of LESS RAPID
3.I am in pursuit in a carriage (6)
5.Broken oar left for examination (4)
6.A friend has new ideas for making a defence work (8)
7.The ones he's to edit (5)ANAGRAM of HES TO
8.Winds up with a part of the film on crime (5,2)
11.Capricious boy about to betray one's trust (7)
14.An appeal for economy is seemingly no good (7)
17.May they keep aunties in change (9)ANAGRAM of AUNTIES IN
18.Watch the dances in which one has pupils (8)
19.Walter's still a spendthrift though reformed (7)ANAGRAM of WALTERS
21.Watch, no hands (7)
22.Irregular forces decoration (6)ANAGRAM of FORCES
24.Get ecstatic over northern bird (5)
26.Yield what's sown it's said (4)
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Created at 12.30 hrs IST on 17-03-2013

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