Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3155 of 17-06-2018)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Offer of a lift accepted (5,2)
5 The rain disturbed the lock-keeper (7)ANAGRAM of THE RAIN
9 Threatens to get money (7)
10 Show sluggishness, i.e train, sloppili (7)ANAGRAM of I E TRAIN
11 Play pluckily (5)
12 Free of charge (9)
13 A less rapid form of broadcast (9)ANAGRAM of LESS RAPID
15 Leads around the valleys (5)ANAGRAM of LEADS
16 Presents one's natural talents (5)
18 To indicate what one should do is a job for the police (5,4)
21 It is released when one is agitated and in real trouble (9)ANAGRAM of AND IN REAL
24 Table bird with top dressing (5)
25 What it means to be a barman (7)
26 A facial expression, a sinister one (7)
27 Colours blended in Dresden (7)ANAGRAM of DRESDEN
28 They come to the fore in the boot and shoe industry (7)

1 Given medical care at another's expense? (7)
2 Unusually big task carried out by servicemen (7)ANAGRAM of BIG TASK
3 One is never sorry to have them (2,7)
4 Following for a Western criminal (5)
5 Classical equivalent of Tom, Dick and Harry (3,6)
6 She's in dire need (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
7 Game with two essential elements in tennis (7)
8 It takes a good deal to satisfy them (7)
14 Takes the place of what bees do (9)
15 He finds criminals working for the police (9)
16 Workman less industrious after midnight (7)
17 Presumptious footballer? (7)
19 A slap-up resort in Sweden (7)ANAGRAM of A SLAP UP
20 Keen, say to become statesmen (7)ANAGRAM of KEEN SAY
22 This is one form of disturbance (5)ANAGRAM of IS ONE
23 Fall behind it at the end of the day (5)
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