Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3049 dated 17-07-2016 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Get out of breath being no longer fit (6)
4 Highflier's pranks (8)
9 Cast gets a brief hour in an urban area (6)
10 Notice fewer without blemish (8)
12 Struggle in which the services may prove decisive (3-5)
13 Snooker on the green? (6)
15 She loved Narcissus, it's recalled (4)
16 I'm in prison without money, that's the snag (10)
19 Nepal organised collection for mountain staff (10)ANAGRAM of NEPAL+CHARADE
20 Expensive address (4)
23 Readjusts his car seats (6)ANAGRAM of HIS CAR
25 Write song that shows taste (8)
27 Is it dealt with at the end of the medical textbook? (8)
28 Thought it would be back in time (6)
29 Third party insurance or girl's honour? (8)
30 Attitude a driver may take of course (6)

1 Give claim to name (7)
2 One of those animal crackers (9)
3 Faint call from the cowshed? (3,3)
5 Sleeps soundly like an H.G.Wells hero (4)
6 Permit one journey if you don't check the speed (3,2,3)
7 Discharge of ambassador in strange circumstances (5)
8 Dubious character (7)
11 Like a hand? Get a couple of friends (7)
14 Washed up when everyone was in bed (7)
17 The spanish girl putting it back on achieves uplift (9)
18 Recent stir about an actor's appearance (8)ANAGRAM of RECENT AN
19 Bill includes a broken chair that is antique (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of CHAIR
21 Regret about arranging it en suite (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of IT EN
22 Confront with a small account charge (6)
24 First-class letter (5)
26 Take hat round beach near Venice (4)
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Created at 06.30 hrs IST on 17-07-2016 from Bangalore

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