Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (3116 of 17-09-2017)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Bad rule may become permanent (7)ANAGRAM of BAD RULE
5 Withdraws a direction on grants (7)
9 Presumably one gets a light tan from it (3,4)
10 Restoration novel in authentic setting (7)
11 Handle the country's capital (5)
12 Teach girl in an idle form (9)ANAGRAM of TEACH GIRL
13 Strong and sturdy binding (9)
15 She would pack a right in a scrap (5)
16 Removal workers? (5)
18 The start of a strike is a revelation (6,3)
21 They may click at dances (9)
24 Bury in a coffin terminally (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
25 Concerning a boy's excuses (7)
26 Crooked dealing straightened out (7)ANAGRAM of DEALING
27 Takes strong objection to marriage of Ted and Tess (7)ANAGRAM of TED TESS
28 Puts on something saucy (7)

1 Stops in a crooked side streets (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SIDE
2 Sounds like a private bitterness that's harboured (7)HOMONYM
3 Unlit locality is a danger to drivers (5,4)
4 One way to apply a finish to education (5)
5 Plan game anew after false start (9)ANAGRAM of START GAME
6 This dance can go wild (5)ANAGRAM of CAN GO
7 The widow who urges one to take a gamble (7)
8 Made ends meet sailor-fashion? (7)
14 Brows bigger in folds (9)
15 Disturbing events one is acutely aware of (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of EVENTS IS
16 When children are about the dog is tied up (7)
17 Pressing for tick (7)
19 Got us in to arrange excursions (7)ANAGRAM of GOT US IN
20 I am included in exchanges of invective (7)
22 They can't help growing bitter (5)
23 Support the residence (5)
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