Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2977 dated 18-01-2015 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Green party finally contrived to get power (6)ANAGRAM of GREEN+Y for PARTY FINALLY
4.Stop or start playing billiards (5-3)
9.It is involved with a plan that is flexible (6)ANAGRAM of IT PLAN
10.Not working well when there's a quarter missing (8)
12. Errs amid wayward lovers (8)ANAGRAM of ERRS AMID
13.Maintain there's some body in the beer (6)>
15.Money for one on the staff (4)
16.The prodigal son's return fare (6,4)
19.One may have a fair throw at it (7,3)
20.Beaten by a single stroke (4)
23.Person out on patrol (6)
25.Change of diet not a remedy (8)ANAGRAM of DIET NOT A
27.A singer to object to one wrong note (8)ANAGRAM of BAR+I for OBJECT ONE+NOTE
28.Mother gets involved with a plan for making bombs (6)ANAGRAM of PLAN+MA for MOTHER
29.It's criminal to make lover die in a nasty way (8)ANAGRAM of LOVER DIE
30.Finish behind the full back to protect the goal (6)

1.To give reasons is no longer simple (7)
2.It is puzzling how gin and it came to be altered (9)ANAGRAM of GIN IT CAME
3.Low-down attempt to define upper class people (6)
5.Measure of authority (4)
6.A touch of exaltation (8)
7.Girl who can exist on nothing (5)
8.First-day cover (3-4)
11.The cape of the bard (7)ANAGRAM of THE BARD
14.Wanting to be irritating (7)
17.Northern city road (9)
18.Introduced the new resident (8)ANAGRAM of RESIDENT
19.Prevail over island uprising being efficient (7)
21.Had a vision which put me in great fear (7)
22.I'm to put up with anger that is an illusion (6)
24.Barker put in business rig-out (5)ANAGRAM of CO for BUSNESS+RIG
26.Kind of bender the vanquished go on (4)
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Created at 10.45 hrs IST on 18-01-2015 from Bangalore

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