Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3103 dated 18-06-2017 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Where rackets may be exposed (6)
4 Was aggressive at first then changed course (8)
9 Way of procedure followed by the Royal Navy of today (6)
10 But he's an odd sort to get tanned (8)ANAGRAM of BUT HES AN
12 It's to do with ships in actual trouble (8)ANAGRAM of IN ACTUAL
13 Attacks the copper with acid (6)
15 Keep them about you for emergencies (4)
16 Paperhanger who mails his account (10)
19 A fishy diversion (3,7)
20 Ring road going round a hop kiln (4)
23 One who cares is easily hurt (6)
25 One naturally separated from the rest of humanity (8)
27 Larry won maybe but not by a lot ( 8)ANAGRAM of LARRY WON
28 Promise father a part in the play (6)
29 A translation that creates antipathy (8)
30 Wager about dumb animal being a dog (6)

1 Be reasonable and don't delay your arrival (4,3)
2 Duel bound to be off-key, that's certain (9)ANAGRAM of BOUND TO BE
3 Hand over and retire (4,2)
5 Villain pulling the squeeze on the leader (4)
6 High-mindedness (8)
7 Vessel given up for sauce (5)
8 She may turn out to be a successful actress (7)
11 Millionaire's roe? (7)
14 There'd be no complaints without it (7)
17 Predators moved to show signs of distress (9)ANAGRAM of PREDATORS
18 Liberal - one urges reform (8)ANAGRAM of ONE URGES
19 Tour round and round the building (7)ANAGRAM of TOUR AND
21 Hill split by flood (7)
22 Country girl on the vessel (6)
24 Steel or brass (5)
26 Albert shortly gets to be a singer (4)
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Created at 09.00 hrs IST on 18-06-2017 from Bangalore

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