Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2925 dated 19-01-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Pursue studies (6)
4.Cancel verbally and immediately (5,3)
9.American rubbish collector (3,3)
10.Revealing Rossini's libretto (8)
12. Flinch because of a handicap (8)
13.Paper required - the first edition (6)
15.A clergyman's increases (4)
16.Likely place to find pips (2,3,5)
19.Having started the race is wide of target (3,3,4)
20.Book of the play (4)
23.Becoming respectable (6)
25.Flat delivery on even patch (8)
27.It is not wanted if white or pink (8)
28.Picture producer (6)
29.Coach in Latin but becoming overworked (8)
30.Accounts book with margin going from left to right (6)

1.Many praise one, a lady of Rome (7)
2.Found her a problem and totally obscure (7-2)ANAGRAM of FOUND HER
3.To hush an upset baby is rather mean (6)ANAGRAM of SH for TO HUSH+BABY
5.I dry up dessert dishes (4)
6.It doesn't go very far on foot (4,4)
7.Precious stones mean nothing to close friends (5)
8.Tentative suggestions put out by some animals? (7)
11.Firm in money management? (7)ANAGRAM of CO for FIRM+MONEY
14.Smoked by the great man in bed (7)
17.Considering retributiond (9)
18.A port to impress one who drinks too much (8)
19.Eccentricity of unevev quality (7)
21.Wrestle with a translation and perspire (7)ANAGRAM of WRESTLE
22.Rewrote a score that's unfinished (6)ANAGRAM of A SCORE
24.Establish one's innocence but get bound over? (5)
26.Unrepeatable start of fairy story (4)
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Created at 13.00 hrs IST on 19-01-2014

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