Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3051 dated 19-06-2016 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Period of little note (6)
4 The appeal of cricket (4,4)
9 It may be given to those who have booked or got booked (6)
10 Called into action despite being crazy (8)
12 I'd set about ally so false (8)
13 An inventor having no team for back-up (6)
15 Staff hold a course (4)
16 Fat's Waller's rippling cascades (10)ANAGRAM of FATS WALLER
19 Shrewd fielder in sticky leg trap (10)
20 Flower goes to politician in ceremony (4)
23 In the course of the French telephone call (6)
25 Quiet charm going together with taste (8)
27 Uncooked, filleted and lean (8)
28 Give notice (6)
29 Floor covering, the kind printers use (8)
30 One of the seven suffering from cold (6)

1 Ring fighter (7)
2 Shift scenery as required (9)ANAGRAM of SCENERY AS
3 Quake in the centre, more or less (6)CONTAINED INSIDE
5 Start work in French (4)
6 Temporarily dispense with the services of a rugby player (5,3)
7 Do they give feelings of elation to meteorologists> (5)
8 It's old news (7)
11 Poise sought by an accountant (7)
14 Deserve to be cut off (7)ANAGRAM of DESERVE
17 Seem to enjoy swallowing a double (4-5)
18 In this event one may be for it (4,4)Not solved
19 Fear led to new form of government (7)ANAGRAM of FEAR LED
21 Sent to a prison store (3,4)
22 Film test (6)
24 Quarrel over an ash tree (5)
26 Cunning in the main (4)
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Created at 06.30 hrs IST on 19-06-2016 from Bangalore

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