Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2964 of 19-10-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Play school syllabus in disgrace (7)
5.Not a sum maybe but sums (7)ANAGRAM of NOT A SUM
9.Find made by a hunter (7)ANAGRAM of A HUNTER
10.He gets what's left (7)
11.Cop it badly in the eye (5)ANAGRAM of COP IT
12.He's not left with support in defence (5,4)
13.Boxer of cunning and power (9)
15.Goes in shock round the little that is left and stares (5)ANAGRAM of GOES+L for LEFT
16.To do so the wrong way will go against the grain (3,2)
18.Upholstery material that is harsh or rough (9)ANAGRAM of IS HARSH OR
21.A driver going round in circles (9)
24.Construct perpendicular (5)
25.Fight and squabble caused Robin's death (7)
26.She charges for delivery (7)
27.Yet it's a misplaced feeling of gratification (7)ANAGRAM of YET ITS A
28. Given command (7)

1.Close a valve thus perhaps (4,3)
2.Play Ted reviwed with expertise (7)ANAGRAM of PLAY TED
3.Most inexpensive hat priced wrongly (4,5)ANAGRAM of HAT PRICED
4.Hard-hearted king whose widow was merry (5)
5. Reptile snarling at gorilla (9)ANAGRAM of AT GORILLA
6.Should be zero (5)
7.All bent on making a game of it (7)ANAGRAM of ALL BENT
8.Arab leaders give one the shivers reportedly (7)
14.Move to the middle and compromise (2,7)
15.Such a discussion gives opportunity for falling out (4,5)
16. Meals for father in breaks from work (7)
17.Boy and aunt get together in cheerful fashion (7)ANAGRAM of BOY AUNT
19.A row outside the Spanish workshop (7)
20.Another welcome for new version of old band (7)
22.Strange how mill race ends in the lake (5)
23.He was known for loving capital, nothing more (5)
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