Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3186 dated 20-01-2019 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 He decides if a striker is to be dismissed (6)
4 New form of travel in space (8)ANAGRAM of TRAVEL IN
9 Demanding, like royalty, can be? (6)
10 Is provocative when it appears in a stage production (8)ANAGRAM ofIT A STAGE
12 Intended to put one's name in a legal document (8)
13 It will grow more by developing (6)ANAGRAM of MORE BY
15 Study occupied by a college head (4)
16 and 20 Across Capital provision for a blockade perhaps (10,4)
19 Sinister operator (4-6)
20 See 16 Across
23 Soundly examine a bill of exchange (6)
25 Couple hired to make jewellery (8)
27 Used to get from London to Copenhagen or Athens perhaps (5,3)ANAGRAM of OR ATHENS
28 August variety of lemons (6)ANAGRAM of LEMONS
29 Showed touching affection (8)
30 Cowardly sort of spirit? (6)

1 Alone and helpless (7)
2 Rod, pole but plainly not perch (9)
3 Withdraw from the general retreat (6)CONTAINED INSIDE IN REVERSE
5 Night without end, almost (4)
6 Guess I'm in property (8)
7 Parties appeal to him (5)
8 Be open-handed or use one's fists (4,3)
11 Relying on one's inclination (7)
14 Eccentric travellers from Rome set out (7)ANAGRAM of ROME SET
17 Agitated farm animal that is caught in a net perhaps (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of NET
18 Nevertheless a street uprising whatever people think (8)
19 It's short and possibly conical (7)ANAGRAM of CONICAL
21 An improvement in relations (7)
22 Where the card-player learns his craft? (6)
24 One may fall into it by mistake (5)
26 Present her with a key (4)
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