Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3038 of 20-03-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 He looks after our cart when damaged (7)ANAGRAM of OUR CART
5 Be enough to satisfy (7)
9 Start breeding birds and dogs (7)
10 Flawless finish (7)
11 Telling stories in bed (5)
12 Catechism arranged according to plan (9)ANAGRAM of CATECHISM
13 Lower our behaviour (9)
15 They may tear up part of a contract we hear (5)
16 Huge cost of electrical safety precaution (5)
18 Finished after only half the distance, puffed (9)
21 He stands, wishing to sit (9)
24 Have a collection in a church series (5)
25 In mental disorder I suffer from it (7)ANAGRAM of MENTAL I
26 A self-effacing action? (7)
27 He can just about stand for himself (7)
28 It is not indeed meant (7)ANAGRAM of NOT DEED

1 Repaired at last (7)
2 Is splitting the country but facing the facts (7)
3 Great help perhaps in rapid communicationd (9)ANAGRAM of GREAT HELP
4 Sprays of flowers (5)
5 Is perhaps disposed to produce articles of worth (9)ANAGRAM of IS PERHAPS
6 Lifting of spirit in debate (5)
7 Sluggish movement of a train that is vandalised (7)IE for THSAT IS+ANAGRAM of TRAIN
8 Draws dissected Eastern insect (7)E for EASTERN+ANAGRAM of INSECT
14 One who used to teach painting (9)
15 A burning romance somehow holds it up (9)ANAGRAM of ROMANCE IT
16 Do some spelling? (7)
17 Was the first to go after a row became embittered (7)
19 Daily journalist (7)
20 Climb down (7)
22 Thought of a pupil perfect (5)
23 Stopped losing head and relaxed (5)
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