Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3151 of 20-05-2018)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Crime of corrupt senator (7)ANAGRAM of SENATOR
5 Caress a girl on the knee (7)
9 Government diet (7)
10 Sly Sue's destroyed Joyce's character (7)ANAGRAM of SLY SUES
11 Gloomy doctor has a listener (5)
12 It's bound to mean a drop in wages for a brief period (5,4)
13 It nay well make a splash (4,5)
15 Imprisons many for a long time (5)
16 Push your way in and snatch back the key (5)
18 He has an extended retirement (4,5)
21 Figure about a hundred get involved (9)
24 To have mixed dye amused one (5)ANAGRAM of TO DYE
25 Feeler Anne put out to the worker (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ANNE
26 Outflowing currency (3,4)
27 She rubbed her sleeping partner of his capital assets (7)
28 Gave in or gave out (7)

1 I am included in exchanges of invective (7)
2 Cracked intellectual? (7)
3 Officer's belt gives colour in uniform (3,6)
4 One may be dressed up to them, by numbers (5)
5 Rich man is a lot put out about credit that's curtailed (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of A LOT PUT
6 Test the patience of a good man at a meeting (5)
7 Making a pass into a path (7)
8 Rawness can produce the wrong ones (7)ANAGRAM of RAWNESS
14 Rapid communication could be a great help (9)ANAGRAM of GREAT HELP
15 Furniture dealers are familiar with it (4,5)
16 Stop a girl working in a pub? (7)
17 Article about a concert (7)ANAGRAM of ARTICLE
19 Snookered on the green? (7)
20 Communist leader is a flaming capitalist (7)
22 Abolish article from a year-book (5)
23 Time not on our side (5)
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Created at 08.30 hrs IST on 20-05-2018 from Bangalore

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