Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai 3012 of 20-09-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1 A tea taster possibly hung (7)
5 Energetic fellow who hurtles around? (7)ANAGRAM of HURTLES
9 A roguish manner to make an entrance (7)
10 It has no meaning (7)
11 The chaplain's walkabout (5)
12 He provides regular press handouts (9)
13 The odd messenger will try to avoid duty (3,6)
15 Thought a great many were employed (5)
16 Mature; or mature to a point (5)
18 Express lacking a restaurant car? (4,5)
21 Get rid of smoother gunmetal perhaps (5,4)
24 Poet who makes a big hit in American sport (5)
25 A gumboil no one treated leads to complaint (7)ANAGRAM of A GUMBOL (GUMBOIL from which I for ONE is deleted)
26 Musician having ear most developed (7)ANAGRAM of EAR MOST
27 Sending out terminations (7)ANAGRAM of SENDING
28 They are said to be just barren areas (7)

1 Clear of unruly campers (7)ANAGRAM of CAMPERS
2 Pitch of the road (7)
3 Do meteorologists gain little by forecasting it? (3,6)
4 Light on material (5)
5 Forceful argument makes crossword solving difficult (4,5)
6 Is of a capital disposition (5)ANAGRAM of IS OF A
7 Attends and possibly enlists (7)ANAGRAM of ENLISTS
8 Told of a family connection? (7)
14 No good at all for use in a riot (9)ANAGRAM of FOR USE IN A
15 So good nobody will play you? (9)
16 Firm purpose to settle (7)
17 Way of selling established in ancient times (7)
19 It measures the strength of the current (7)
20 Contracts for Polar missiles (7)
22 Clear the area (5)
23 He has no settled occupation (5)
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