Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3019 dated 20-12-2015 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Casually raise the volume? (6)
4 Highest score? (8)
9 ADC set to review military trainees (6)ANAGRAM of ADC SET
10 Only men go in at such a meeting (8)
12 Female guard of honour (8)
13 Foreign food provided by Sarah, a French friend (6)
15 Pat her on the knee (4)
16 Dig to attract interest (10)
19 Untrustworthy advice for cheaper air travel (3-2-5)
20 She lives in Los Angeles (4)
23 Cowardly way to voice protest (6)
25 French officials with authority over the lower classes? (8)
27 Relief from hammering (8)Not solved
28 Somehow undo the French knot (6)ANAGRAM of UNDO+LE for THE FRENCH
29 Aid to look-out on the bridge (5-3)
30 Liberty for example (6)

1 Vehicle of half-crazy proposer (7)
2 Early defence in court (3,6)
3 One taking an exam - a very easy one (6)
5 They look round for bears without fear (4)
6 Bird takes fruit by the door (8)
7 A Greek character at the Exchange (5)ANAGRAM of AT THE
8 The loin chop is a better seller (3,4)ANAGRAM of THE LOIN
11 Remains within easy reach of Naples (7)
14 In which a performer has to take a bow (7)
17 Battle to get a gang leader on trial (9)
18 Cyrus; one resolved to be the centre of attraction (8)ANAGRAM of CYRUS ONE
19 Plant making two light carriages (7)
21 Making sure tea is quite plain (7)ANAGRAM of SURE TEA
22 On the surface a delivery vehicle (6)
24 Nothing turns up in the border (5)
26 Off-shore spot I stole away to (4)
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Created at 09.30 hrs IST on 20-12-2015 from Chennai

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