Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3034 of 21-02-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Bill gives way and agrees (7)
5 Sweet and affectionate social worker (7)
9 It has wings and flies (7)
10 Monarch embraces saint and thief (7)
11 Saucy thing to cut (5)
12 Grasp idea incorrectly and belittle it (9)ANAGRAM of GRASP IDEA
13 Making a scene, tend to be condemned (9)ANAGRAM of SCENE TEND
15 Disunity in Croatia (5)
16 Be entitled to credit (5)
18 Lie about transport control (9)
21 Unwilling cattle run amok (9)ANAGRAM of CATTLE RUN
24 Bit of a scrap (5)
25 I sing about one Italian drink (7)
26 The bee in one's bonnet? (7)
27 Point behind the ship towards the sunrise (7)
28 Stray US serviceman returns in female attire (7)

1 Criticises a levy we hear (7)
2 Depreciate each new writer (7)ANAGRAM of EACH+PEN for WRITER
3 Cleaner appears to put a fellow off (9)
4 The going rate for methedrine (5)
5 If given a rise, lives in warm places (9)
6 She's in a fine state (5)
7 Not a sunny greeting (3,4)
8 People in the wrong can cause distress (7)
14 Transport people make a bloomer (9)
15 Very strong sticking plaster (9)
16 I'm clear about a marvellous event (7)ANAGRAM of IM CLEAR
17 Meetings possibly raise about fifty lire (7)ANAGRAM of RAISE+L L for FIFTY LIRE
19 I seem somehow to follow it in detail (7)ANAGRAM of I SEEM IT
20 A climbing frame put in the garden (7)
22 Ocean-tossed paddle boat (5)ANAGRAM of OCEAN
23 Tested when brought before the judge (5)
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