Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2999 dated 21-06-2015 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.The gold glow of chestnut (6)
4.Conversation piece (8)
9.Troops used in support (6)
10.They don't believe he requires foreign capital (8)
12. Mentioned why the whistle went too soon? (8)
13.Business fixed in minutes (6)>
15.Rifle fire (4)
16.Fancy breaking nipper's toy (10)ANAGRAM of NIPPERS TOY
19.Introduces off-cuts (10)ANAGRAM of INTRODUCES
20.At the beginning of last month it turned very cold (4)
23.He is in highest command (6)
25.Sweet sort of rainfall (4,4)
27.NCO arranged battle course (8)
28.She brings firm into line perhaps (6)ANAGRAM of CO for FIRM+LINE
29.One way of saying one doesn't like it (8)
30.Just one of them is perfect (6)

1.Gives a hundred lines (7)
2.Impudent type? (4-5)
3.Comment made about Antony (6)
5.Novel time piece (4)ANAGRAM of TIME
6.Action man (8)
7.New information about the interior (5)
8.Yes, cats may produce this feeling in some people (7)ANAGRAM of YES CATS
11.Tried to construct huge carport (7)ANAGRAM of TRIED TO
14.Chaps in organised vegetable production (7)ANAGRAM of CHAPS IN
17.Become liable to debts without interest (9)
18.On the one hand they're instrumental in cutting (8)
19.Novel title of Esau's mother (7)
21.Maybe it's pressed to make one go down (7)ANAGRAM of PRESSED
22.Recommend about five different ideas (6)ANAGRAM of V for FIVE+IDEAS
24.One of an opening pair (5)
26.Doctor on morning rounds (4)
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Created at 10.30 hrs IST on 21-06-2015 from Chennai

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